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Upgrade Smart

The Upgrade Smart allows to transform the old instrument into the more recent BlueForce Smart !

These are the main features of the Upgrade Smart ->

Upgrade Instruments

Firmware updatable via USB

Blue LED display

More internal memory

New spacious carry-case

Bluetooth LE Hardware

NFC Hardware

Internal clock

Smart App enabling

UPGRADE SMART - Minimum requirements and equipment

  • The Upgrade is for old instrument with USB line (for other models please contact Microtronics)
  • The Upgrade includes the new blue carry-case (please specify in the notes if you want to have your old carry case back)
  • The Upgrade does NOT include the calibration of the instrument; it is suitable to add this service to the cart
  • For instruments equipped with "black extreme" carry-case the Upgrade does not include the new blue carry case
  • To use the Smart functions your mobile devices shall meet the following requirements: Apple iOS from 9.0 / Android s.o. from 5.0
Transform your old instrument into the BlueForce Smart! You will have the most advanced technical features:

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