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Legal Info

legal info

1. Use of the Microtronics Uk Ltd website

In order to access and view the web pages found on the Microtronics Uk Ltd site, you are required to accept the contents of this document beforehand.

2. Services and liability

2.1 Microtronics Uk Ltd uses its website to provide information and relating documentation, which can either be viewed immediately or downloaded. The User acknowledges that the site and the information found therein are provided purely for communication and information purposes. Microtronics Uk Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to people/things occurring as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of the practical application of the information communicated.

2.2 Microtronics Uk Ltd reserves the right to suspend site operations at any time, both partially and in full.

3. Right to Use Information, Software Products and Documentation

3.1 Microtronics Uk Ltd grants the User the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the information, software products and documentation made available in the Microtronics Uk Ltd site within the limits set by Microtronics Uk Ltd upon publication of the said resources.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

4.1 The User is required to comply with copyright and industrial property laws.

4.2 Microtronics Uk Ltd lays claim to the intellectual and industrial property of the entire contents of its own website, with the exception of certain specific parts containing registered trademarks, where it should be understood that the said trademarks belong to the respective legitimate owners.

5. Links to external websites

In order to provide a more complete service, there are a number of hypertext links found within the Microtronics Uk Ltd site, which take the user to other sites.
Microtronics Uk Ltd cannot be held in any way responsible for the contents of the aforesaid other websites. The existence of a link to a site belonging to third parties does not imply Microtronics Uk Ltd’s endorsement and/or acceptance of responsibility regarding the contents of the other site, including, in particular, contents concerning the handling and use of personal data

6. Viruses

Microtronics Uk Ltd undertakes to do everything in its power to keep its site free of computer viruses.

7. Personal data protection

As far as the collection, use and processing of the User’s personal data on its site are concerned, Microtronics Uk Ltd hereby declares that it respects all the relative laws in force. For further clarifications, please see the company’s Privacy Document.

8. Additional Agreements, Applicable Standards, Competent Authority

8.1 Any further agreements shall be drafted and approved in writing.

8.2 All the conditions are subject to English law.

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